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Hunting and Trapping Season Proposed Despite Precarious Alexander Archipelago Wolf Status

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) and the U.S. Forest Service announced their intention today that the 2020-2021 hunting and trapping season for the Alexander Archipelago wolf be reduced but still proceed, despite the uncertain future of the wolf.

Latino Outdoors Supports Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado

The Colorado chapter of Latino Outdoors just officially endorsed Proposition 114, which appears on Colorado’s general election ballot this year. If passed, the ballot measure would require the Colorado Parks and Ʊ Department to develop and implement a plan to reintroduce wolves to lands west of the continental divide by the end of 2023.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Summit to Educate Attendees About the Importance of Beavers in Ecosystems

Defenders of Ʊ and WildEarth Guardians, along with other state, federal and non-profit partners, have organized a virtual New Mexico Beaver Summit to help educate landowners on the benefits and challenges of living with beavers.

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Bureau of Land Management Fast-Tracks Arctic Refuge Seismic Permits

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is reviewing a permit application for seismic exploration for the fragile coastal plain of Arctic National Ʊ Refuge. Seismic exploration would profoundly impact this important landscape for decades, scarring the tundra, damaging critical habitat for imperiled polar bears and potentially causing the death of denning mother bears with cubs.
Charleston, SC

Harvest of horseshoe crabs for blood challenged at SC wildlife refuge

The U.S. Fish and Ʊ Service is failing to follow the law and its obligation to protect one of South Carolina’s most pristine coastal sanctuaries by allowing commercial harvest of horseshoe crabs at Cape Romain National Ʊ Refuge.

6 Reasons Why You Should Care About Wolves

As a top predator, wolves are essential to maintaining the health of many ecosystems around the world. With their piercing looks and melancholy howls, wolves

CA Fish and Game Commission Moves to Change Desert Tortoise Status from Threatened to Endangered

The California Fish and Game Commission voted today to move forward with strengthening protections for the Agassiz’s desert tortoise under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA).
Washington, DC

Finding Refuge: Endangered Species and the National Ʊ Refuge System

Defenders of Ʊ and the National Ʊ Refuge Association used hundreds of federal documents and data to develop an up-to-date list of species found on the National Ʊ Refuge System. In a new report, they found that 513 ESA-listed species—nearly one-third of all U.S.-listed species—are found on (or depend on) at least 444 of the 568 wildlife refuges.
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